May 2007

memory stickIf you happen to be crossing back from mainland China into Hong Kong and you’re tired and somebody offers to sell you a 16GB memory stick (or 8GB or 4GB for that matter). Ignore the fact that the price is great (after much haggling). Realise that you don’t really need one. And Just Say No. The memory comes up fine and indicates that the specified memory exists and appears to allow files to be written. But, make sure you try writing and reading some BIG files – before you buy. These sticks are elaborate fakes. Just ask eBay.

Yes. I’m a goose.

It seems that Neville’s job confuses people who haven’t got an IT background so here’s a very quick overview. Neville works for the Global Hand team. This group is a kind-of subsidiary to Crossroads which aims to provide a more global means to share resources that are often wasted. (See GlobalHand’s website ) Neville’s main reason for joining the team was to assist in the development of a new website, based on the Global Hand concept, that allows, in particular, businesses and corporations to develop partnerships with the various bodies that make up the United Nations. The new web project is called (at the moment) the UN InterFACE and the first phase will be launched publicly in early July. (more…)