Global Hand

UN building New YorkIt was rather a sudden departure as some long-awaited meetings in New York with out colleagues at the UN finally fell into place. So three of the Global Hand team set off on a very long flight (I never seem to be able to sleep…) to meet up with Sally Begbie who was already in New York.

Our aim was to finalise some details regarding the resource sharing project that we’ve been working on all year (and much longer in Sal, Matt and Katey’s case). By Friday we were all face to face with lawyers, IT technical folk and keep people from various UN groups. It was a case of being careful on what to say, when and how – but very interesting.

At the end, though, I decided that I’m not really the laywer type. I seem to want to acknowledge the other person’s point of view too readily whereas in these meeting you need to know “when to hold ’em and when to fold “em” (as Kenny Rogers once said…).

It seems that Neville’s job confuses people who haven’t got an IT background so here’s a very quick overview. Neville works for the Global Hand team. This group is a kind-of subsidiary to Crossroads which aims to provide a more global means to share resources that are often wasted. (See GlobalHand’s website ) Neville’s main reason for joining the team was to assist in the development of a new website, based on the Global Hand concept, that allows, in particular, businesses and corporations to develop partnerships with the various bodies that make up the United Nations. The new web project is called (at the moment) the UN InterFACE and the first phase will be launched publicly in early July. (more…)